About Us

The Village Vaporette is located at 48 Queen St. E., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

We are a husband and wife team who are commited to bringing smokers over to the vape side.

We were both 40 year smokers who switched to vaping in one puff. We had no intention of quitting, we were just vape-curious, but that was it for both of us.

We thought we enjoyed smoking but vaping is leaps and bounds beyond analogs, as it were. We can experiment with vape gear and flavours and have fun doing it. We have connected to the vape community and it has a big family feel to it. Every new vaper is welcomed.

To that end, any vape-curious people out there are welcome to try any of our starter kits, or anything you're curious about. Call us at 519-658-9225 or email us at sales@thevillagevaporette.com anytime. See our Facebook page (search for The Village Vaporette) or read our blog for more information.