French Vanilla


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French Vanilla is our signature dessert flavor for good reason! This unbelievably silky vanilla custard boasts rich and luxurious flavour because of its nicely balanced mix of sweet vanilla and creamy French custard.

Salt Nicotine is a treated form of nicotine that saturates both Nitrogen ports, which neutralizes the adverse harshness of freebase nicotine. In actuality, the naturally grown tobacco plant produces what the industry refers to as Salt Nicotine and not freebase nicotine.

20 and 40 mg strength. For a very satisfying vape, use this e-liquid in low-wattage devices, like the Limitless Pulse, Eleaf Solo or iCare. Heavy smokers (over a pack a day) can choose 40mg.

Only available in 15mL glass dropper bottle. It's all you need!