Smoking-cessation drug red-flagged April 13, 2014 10:51

This makes me angry. And sad.

"Also scrutinized were asthma inhalers (Alvesco and Qvar), painkillers (Tridural and Tramacet) and the smoking-cessation drug Champix, which reportedly was linked to suicides in some users though Health Canada ruled last year that the drug’s benefits continue to outweigh its risks".

So. Wanting to commit suicide (and in some cases, succeeding) is better than using an e-cigarette to quit smoking?

I tried Champix. Didn't want to kill myself but felt so ill that, after 5 weeks on this medication, I stopped. I had vertigo and dizziness so bad that I was vomiting on a regular basis. I couldn't focus my eyes for any length of time due to the dizziness. I spent much of my time lying down, not necessarily sleeping but rather trying to rid myself of this ill feeling.

Two weeks into my smoking cessation program it occurred to me that it was the Champix that was making me feel so ill. Maybe, just maybe, if I stuck with it, it would go away after a time. I'd come out a non-smoker on the other side! I did quit smoking during this time and didn't have any cravings whatsoever, however, was it worth it to feel so sick?

After 5 weeks with no relief to my symptoms, I quit taking Champix. I didn't feel better right away, it took a couple of weeks to get back to feeling well again but by that time I was back to smoking.

Nicorette? Puhleez. By the time the nicotine was coming out of the gum to take care of my cravings, many minutes had passed. Cravings come and go so was it the gum or was it time that was doing the trick? The fact that you can't chew Nicorette like you would gum still leaves you with many cravings during a 24 hour period. NOT an affective smoking cessation plan.

The patch? It costs as much as a carton of cigarettes so I might as well buy cigarettes. Easy choice.

What's left to help me quit? Cold turkey? Not even an option. The anxiety and jumpy feeling can be hell to deal with. I know many people have succeeded in quitting this way but it's just not worth it, to me, to feel so miserable.

My brother, at 51, had a heart attack a few years ago and the doctor urged him to quit smoking. He quit smoking and started vaping. I saw him blow clouds of vapour from his Vamo and was really skeptical about the safety of this device.